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Walking with you toward your sustainability goals

Why The Details Matter in Your Net Zero Efforts

Countless organization’s are realizing the benefits of net zero, but achieving net zero status doesnt just require a few simple steps or lump sum investment. Okapi can assist in forging a trail towards net zeo.

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Five Ways Shareholder Activism Spurs Corporate Change

External pressure from shareholder activists does foster real reform, but it can also impair an organization’s public image and bottom line. Ensure your actions align with your expressed values by adopting ESG policies.

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Small But Substantial Ways Teams Can Commit To Zero Waste

Big steps and systemic changes require expertise and support that Okapi offers, yet every journey is made of small steps. Here are five ways individuals can get the momentum going.

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Are Your Sustainability Efforts Sustainable?

Profitability and return on investment matter in sustainability too. When the right values drive the shift, profits appear in unforeseen ways.

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Secrets To ESG Success

Simply, the process requires revision and feedback multiple times, until perfect practice makes perfect players.

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A Guide To Developing A Corporate Sustainability Program

Like an open highway, the first unplanned turn can take you off course; you need a GPS for your sustainability initiatives

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