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About Us

We believe that Sustainability is only truly sustainable if it affects the triple bottom line: the people, the planet, and an organization’s profitability.

Most organizations need help in achieving ambitious sustainability goals. The Okapi Environmental Services team have created successful programs for broadly diverse groups, from kindergarteners to rabid soccer fans to high-tech campuses. Experience with this range of clients equips us to guide and empower organizations to achieve their sustainability goals

With a unique skill set, Okapi Environmental Services provides end-to-end, turn-key, sustainability solutions through Strategic Development; Tactical Executional Support; Advanced Reporting; Data/Performance Analysis

City Environments

We provide consulting services to map out a playbook for your project, breaking it into smaller pieces and utilizing an approach that combines accountability, transparency, and teamwork to achieve permanence in a brand’s value advancement.

It is imperative that progress in a brand’s value system be organic – not driven from the top only but also accepted from the bottom up. We call that change “from the C-suite to the street.” Okapi Environmental Services is about shifting paradigms and affecting change.

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Our Mission

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Leading change that transforms the people, the impact on the planet, and the profitability of organizations whose focus is on a triple bottom line. We see our role as a sherpa: a guide to walk with you as a partner, to navigate the path from the status quo to a truly-sustainable, better organization, elevating the value and loyalty to the brand from the C-suite to the street.

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An end to end solution partner for
your sustainability program

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  • Zero Waste Planning
  • Diversion Programming
  • Energy Audits
  • Analyze Current Waste Processes
  • Maturity Model Graphing
  • Program Playbook Development
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  • Comprehensive Recycling Program
  • Composting Programs
  • Mitigating Carbon Footprint
  • Closing the Loop on Material Streamss
  • Develop Training Programs
  • Equipment Advice and Procurement
  • Vendor and Supplier Agreements
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  • Thorough Data Gathering
  • EcoVisor Software
  • Define Metrics
  • Customized Reporting Fields
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  • Thorough Data Gathering
  • EcoVisor Software
  • Define Metrics
  • Interpret for Improvement
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Bob Gregory

Repeatedly awarded for contributions to the waste disposal and resource recovery industries and their regulation, our founder brings cross-discipline leadership to Okapi, creating opportunities to fuel systemic transformation, in order to protect our most valuable resources--children and their future.

Bob Gregory

President, CEO, Founder
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