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Walking with you toward your sustainability goals

Resight Your Scope For Reducing Scope 1, 2, And 3 Emissions

Consumers seek transparency and demand reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change. Shareholders and Boards of Directors have taken notice and found sustainability is hard to accomplish but good for business. Okapi offers tracking solutions for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and guidance on how to affect emissions, even those beyond your immediate control.

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5 Ways To Develop A Sustainability Performance Tracking Program

Providing measurable results to stakeholders is essential to sustainability development. Learn ways to develop a sustainability tracking program.

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Immersive Partnerships for Effective Change

Discover the power of immersive partnerships vs. traditional consultancy. Explore a consultant's story and how a large city's ambitious plan fell short. Learn about the OPTIMUM immersive sprint process, a collaborative approach emphasizing Observe, Plan, Train, Implement, Measure, Understand, and Modify. Uncover the value of hands-on involvement for lasting change, and why it's time to embrace a different, twenty-first-century type of partner for effective cultural and emotional transformation.

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5 Ways To Enhance Sustainable Supply Chain Relationships

Are your supply partners really partnering with you and your sustainability efforts? To function successfully as a team, all members must be on board. Let’s examine how your supply chain can help you reach your decarbonization and sustainability goals faster.

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5 Ways To Educate Stakeholders About Sustainability Efforts

As an organization, expressing your sustainability strategies to external stakeholders is essential to building your brand and your profits. Disclosing sustainability efforts isn’t black and white. 

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6 Steps to Sustainability Education & Training Programs

Internal education and training programs are key to implementing a successful company sustainability program. Most people don’t get fired up over employee training programs, but it is an essential aspect of making sure your efforts are aligned, from the bottom up.

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