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Secrets To ESG Success

There are ways to drive success in your ESG implementation journey. It can be long. It can be arduous, but it can also be very rewarding. The best reward is always in the journey when you start to see substantive change happening in those you work with.

The building can only go as high as the depth and strength of the foundation will allow. Similarly, in an ESG program, an overhaul of values can only be built on a strong foundation. 

Some would say the foundation is your corporate values. Some would say goals. Others would say measurement tools. We beg to differ. We say the foundation is in the PROCESS. Change happens not by accident but by planned actions that end in processes that are repeatable and duplicatable.

A Method To Reach Sustainability Goals

We use a process that we coined, the OPTIMUM process. This acronym stands for: 

  • Observe
  • Plan
  • Train
  • Implement
  • Measure
  • Understand
  • Modify

We implement this process through a three-phase beginning, mid-point, and final, formal review of individualized smaller components we call “sprints.”

We found that most companies do a poor job of observing, spend a great deal of time planning, and some effort to train and implement. Usually, the process stops there, and a small, momentary level of success is achieved. It typically falls short of expectations and management blames the employees.

The key to success is in the next three components of the OPTIMUM process. What are the actual measurements of the program? What can we understand about the successes and failures? Which modifications does that lead us to make? This is a critical part of a successful process improvement program. This leads us to repeat the first part with an amended plan, updated training, and new implementation. 

A third part of a successful ESG process implementation is to rinse and repeat the second phase to gain further measurements of the amended plan, get further understanding of the success and failures of the upgraded implementation, and to make further modifications.

Not Just The Goals But The Process Must Be Clear To All

This all must be written, transparent, accountable, and signed off on by all parties.

This is not the “easy button.” This is actually the hard button, but making substantive, worthwhile, cultural change was never going to be easy.

The team from Okapi Environmental Services has seen our method work with organizations, corporations, small teams, and individuals in vastly different industries and workflows. No two clients are alike and our success comes from our process as well. Our process begins with a conversation: get in touch and let us equip and empower your ambition.

Sustainability is only sustainable if it positively affects the triple bottom line. The People, the Profits, and the Planet  

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