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5 Ways To Develop A Sustainability Performance Tracking Program

In some of our previous Sustainability Insights blogs we’ve discussed providing sustainability training to employees resulting in them becoming more engaged with your corporate-wide sustainability efforts.  We’ve also covered working with your supply chain to reduce carbon emissions.  But how do you track all this performance data that comes from these two processes?  Are you initially creating benchmark levels of performance, and on the backend, what type of system are you using to keep track of the data, and report it to your important stakeholders.

Okapi Environmental Service’s consultants can outline the specifics of developing a tracking and reporting program, plus provide a cutting-edge software solution which will help with this significant lift. 

How to Develop a Sustainability Performance Tracking Program

  1. Establish Specific Goals

As with many programs you undertake, you first want to establish measurable goals for your company.  You know the key to setting goals, right?  Use the SMART method….Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-focused.  This allows for objectively achieving and demonstrating success.  The goals will be as unique as the needs for each company developing them. Many companies frame their corporate sustainability goals based around the 17 UN Goals outlined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

  1. Monitor KPI Progress

Secondly, monitor the performance of designated KPIs as you move through the year.  We suggest monthly measurements so you will have a constant year-over-year comparison.  KPIs metrics can include carbon emissions, waste reduction and diversion, energy usage, and water usage.

  1. Use Sustainability Software

The third step is critical for time efficiency and data integrity:  Use a sustainability management software program. The software will be used to collect, analyze, and report data from various sources, and various locations.  That is why it is imperative to have an online, on-demand platform that is accessible 24/7 to all the key participants in your program.  Okapi Environment Services has a customizable online solution called EcoVisor. This sustainability software solution manages the key data, over endless reporting periods, and is readily accessible.  

  1. Perform Sustainability Audits Routinely

Next, it’s important to frequently analyze the data by way of a sustainability audit.  Looking at your performance results regularly helps identify areas of improvement, show operational inefficiencies, as well as, tracking progress toward your goals.  The modifications you make based on these audits can accelerate the pace toward your goals – and may also result in improving productivity and profitability.

  1. Publish Your Results 

The final step is to publish your sustainability reports.  If it’s for a 10-K, an annual report, your company’s website, or a shareholders meeting, it is vital to report your progress on a regular cadence to your stakeholders.  Be honest in these reports.  Along with highlighting achievements, it is also important to describe challenges, and the future opportunities they present.  In the long run this type and cadence of honest communication builds trust and support for ongoing corporate commitment to sustainability.

EcoVisor: A Customizable Reporting Software Solution

Okapi Environmental Services provides an online solution for recording and tracking your progress called EcoVisor.  This dynamic platform provides data-driven predicative and actionable sustainability insights on a daily basis.  It captures, connects, validates and analyzes data so you can set baselines, streamline reporting, and track progress.  Automating data collection and calculations will help you successfully comply with any regulatory concerns for your company.  EcoVisor also provides great transparency by using a platform which allows everyone in the organization to view metrics and progress on-demand.  

EcoVisor is a strong foundational tool for the ongoing success of a corporate sustainability program, with built in charts and graphs that are easily transportable to your corporate reports.  It is a superior solution currently available for data collection and analysis of sustainability efforts.

Okapi Provides Custom Solutions for Supply Chain Sustainability

Okapi Environmental Services has a great platform for recording and reporting performance data called EcoVisor.  This online, on-demand, program is readily available to view for all authorized users. It’s also customizable to develop unique benchmarks, and track the data most important to your goals.

In summary, the supply chain plays a critical role in achieving zero waste goals by addressing waste generation throughout the entire production and distribution process. Companies can work with suppliers to identify opportunities for waste reduction, implement sustainable practices, and create a closed-loop system that promotes circularity and resource efficiency.

If you’d like to know more about our EcoVisor reporting application, or if you’d want a complementary consultation to discuss ideas for improving your supply chain efforts, please reach out to our sustainability consultants at Okapi Environmental services. We provide tailored strategies and software for your organization’s sustainability initiatives.

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