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Shifting the Consulting Paradigm

Okapi Environmental Services:  walking with you towards your sustainability goals

Why a Consultant is a Game-Changer

The tools and vernacular for sustainability and ESG reporting are evolving faster than can be taught in textbooks. The real-world laboratory for determining best practices happens on manufacturing floors and is measured at the smokestack. 

Daily, new information is added to the collective knowledge and refines yesterday’s understanding of the movement. Those whose pedigree comes from academia are sadly behind the curve. Likewise, those whose daily stock and trade are isolated to a single business and single discipline are also at a disadvantage. 

The experiences of greatest value are those of consultants whose varied exposure across adjacent industries bring tested practices, expertise, unbiased agendas, and whose presence demonstrates a company’s resolve to take action NOW.

Whether you need an infusion of energy, tools to work with, a relationship with sustainable partners in your supply chain, a certification to demonstrate your success, or a partner to kickstart your sustainability journey, Okapi offers a solution. Reach out today. We’re real people with a real passion for advancing our cause.  

We Bring Energy so that you can Conserve It

Consultants across industries are expected to bring an infusion of energy, perspective, and infectious enthusiasm. Okapi Environmental Services brings years of impassioned commitment to sustainability with them. 

Unlike many consultants who offer guidance and walk away, the Okapi method is meant to include an embedded team working directly with yours to thoroughly explain methods and results, inspiring as they go. With a hand-over-hand approach, Okapi consultants will demonstrate each component of our work together, whether at the dumpster or behind the podium as reports are built and delivered.

The Lasting Value of Consulting with Okapi can be Felt Immediately

Consultants are often utilized to save money over training and employing an inhouse FTE(s). Not only is Okapi poised to be a more affordable solution, but Okapi’s consultants will train others to efficiently measure, track, and assess the work they do as individuals and effortlessly combine results with teams to give accurate data to those responsible for ESG reporting. 

Freeing the time of executives to focus on leading change instead of counting beans is a hallmark of the Okapi approach. We intend for each employee to feel a personal connection and pride in the ways their work contributes to sustainability.

Allow an Outside Consultant to Change your Organization from the Inside

One benefit of an outside consultant has always been a detachment from the politics of the organization and their ability to make difficult decisions or recommendations. Being agnostic to entrenched practices allows guidance to be given –and received– without the perception of a slight. 

Okapi brings a similar perspective, valuing the contributions of stakeholders and especially of those walking out the sustainability efforts. Often, in organizational management, those interacting with waste are heard from the least. Okapi inverts this hierarchy, placing great focus on blue collars and sludge-covered boots because they see the change far before it reaches the boardroom.

Do Not Wait to get started on your 2040 Sustainability Goals

Consultants are, by nature, project-based and time-bound. Their engagement is designed to yield results and in less time than a full-time employee can do, especially when in addition to one’s typical workload. 

Okapi is particularly time driven. By design, our process follows a 6-week sprint model with repeating measurement, analysis, refocus, and reengagement. Okapi is motivated to accomplish goals quickly but also to create a manageable model for changing behavior that remains after our engagement. 

Invite Okapi Environmental Services to be your Guide

Many companies feel hiring a consultant is a sign of weakness or defeat, but it is the opposite: strength. Wisdom is knowing when to rely on experts to supplement your work, expose your team to new methods, and inspire others when internal efforts have been met with apathy. 

We want to have a conversation about everything we’ve mentioned so far–our passion, value, approach, and custom plans to solve your problems with advancing the ball on sustainability. Our blog is packed with inspirational articles and perspectives you may not have considered. We’re ready to start a relationship, whether we work together soon, in the future, or many times in between, and it starts with you passing our info to the people who need it most. 

Just as we live on a connected planet, our efforts to be sustainable require that we share information and take action when we can. If your company is not ready now, share us with others who are.

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