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Okapi’s EcoVisor Tool

The Best Corporate Sustainability Reporting Platform

Corporate Sustainability is an organization’s effort to mitigate its operations’ impact on the earth throughout the lifecycle of its product while remaining profitable.

Sustainability Reporting is a collection of quantitative and qualitative data assessing those eco-friendly efforts. It may also include goals for social responsibility and corporate governance, toward an established goal and benchmark.

Sustainability encompasses ESG (environmental, social, governance). Is there a difference between ESG vs sustainability reporting? Yes; ESG reporting is more subjective and qualitative than looking at hard data points, but the two are not mutually exclusive. 

The Sustainability Report concerning our readers focuses on:

  • Reducing and mitigating carbon emissions
  • Eliminating and diverting waste
  • Recapturing resources
  • Enhancing the quality of life for stakeholders, clients, and the public

Whether motivated by a corporate sustainability reporting directive, by proactive leadership, or asking ‘Why is corporate sustainability important,’ we’re excited you want to learn more.

Organizations needing sustainability reporting frameworks recognize how difficult it is to gather pertinent information from disparate sources. Business sustainability officers also often face trouble in identifying the proper metrics to focus on. With ambiguous terms and standards, in a relatively new field, quantifying, comparing, explaining, and disclosing sustainability progress can be challenging.

So how can corporations be more sustainable, and how does one meaningfully demonstrate success in a sustainability program? Corporations become sustainable by, first, assessing their weaknesses and establishing their goals for each facility and vendor relationship they have. Assessment starts with measurement. 

Here's What's Broken About Your Current Sustainability Reporting

We’re continually amazed by companies whose annual sustainability reports are built using rudimentary tools and inconsistent measurements. 

Worse, typically, one over-qualified executive devotes too much time gathering data from apathetic department leads who see reporting as an imposition on their own work. You need to simplify, modernize, and automate. You need the best sustainability reports. Okapi Environmental Services offers a superior sustainability reporting software, EcoVisor.

EcoVisor’s sustainability reporting standards and frameworks automate your sustainability reporting tools into a customized dashboard for your individual needs. Automatically sourcing your data, once established, frees your time to focus on reviewing important information and creating plans for improvement. You won’t misappropriate expensive managers’ time gathering and entering data into your sustainability reports database. EcoVisor can aggregate data from many separate sources with ease, relieving the burden. 

Additionally, EcoVisor allows you to compare sustainability progress reports across facilities and amounts/types of waste and resource recovery. And it can also predict your future trends and goals, making it the ​​best corporate sustainability reporting tool. Utilize EcoVisor to demonstrate your success to stakeholders in graphics that are easy to interpret. 

For annual reports using a single sustainability reporting platform, EcoVisor collects data, calculates, and forecasts for Environmental Social Governance, waste diversion, and carbon neutrality goals.

What Solutions Does EcoVisor Provide?

EcoVisor is a cloud-based dashboard and visualization tool allowing for real-time collaboration and sustainability performance tracking across teams. This sustainability management software pulls data automatically from numerous sources and compiles it into a central, customizable dashboard.

The dashboard is fully customizable. It allows users to view their current and past performance, predict future performance, and compare progress with colleagues. This allows you to focus on increasing engagement and re-evaluate sustainability reporting standards for each team. 

By removing excess sustainability reporting stress, sustainability managers can focus on their supply chain, carbon footprint, and sustainable performance. EcoVisor is a user-friendly reporting software tool that enables you to meet earth-conscious customer demands. With EcoVisor you can create the best corporate sustainability reports.

What Waste Diversion Should You Be Tracking?

At its core, EcoVisor is a data aggregator and pivot table with advanced graph and table capabilities. Ultimately, your data inputs define how thorough your output can be. With it, you might demonstrate progress on these sustainability reporting guidelines:
  • Water and energy consumption (and waste)
  • Tonnage equivalents of greenhouse gasses emitted or conserved
  • Landfill waste stream diversion as recyclables and compost
  • Resource recovery
  • Transportation pollution offset
  • The effect on the local community
  • Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions 
  • And the overall effect on the environment created by all the actions of the enterprise
Do not feel bad if these measurements are foreign: ESG sustainability reporting is still new to most. You may need a sustainability reporting consultant to accelerate your pace to zero waste. Okapi Environmental Services can teach you to identify units of measurement and the tools needed for it. As you progress towards zero waste or carbon neutrality, you will learn to measure and improve your sustainability efforts.

How is EcoVisor Different?

Out-of-date environmental sustainability report software tracks individual metrics, leaving you with disjointed data. EcoVisor connects the dots and takes the guesswork out of your sustainability claims. Enable your organization or corporation to collect, manage, and disclose defensible data from one platform. 

EcoVisor automatically tracks multiple pieces of software and even individual emails to extract the data needed for your customized dashboard/report. This transforms you from being an Excel data jockey to an owner of relevant information.

EcoVisor shows your data and makes sustainability prediction models based on your progress and expected changes. See the effects of adding equipment or seasonal variations to consumption or output before they happen. Truly designed with planning in mind, EcoVisor enables you to lead your waste diversion plan instead of responding to it.

EcoVisor Empowers Your Organization:

  • Providing accurate, auditable reports
  • Reducing reporting costs & time wasted
  • Creating personalized dashboards for measuring sustainability progress 
  • Improving visibility across teams & locations
  • Translating goals into measurable data points
  • Improving investor trust & market reputation
  • Streamlining collection & aggregation of ESG data
  • Increasing employee engagement and goal alignment
Teams can report their progress and compare it to their own goals and the goals of other teams, equitably. EcoVisor knows that with different functions, teams are going to produce wide ranges of waste and practice varying conservation methods. EcoVisor allows you to compare apples to apples and have valuable comparisons.

How a Zero-Waste Consultant Can Help

Sustainability development is complex and each individual facility has its own unique needs and goals. The best way to understand your sustainability reporting limitations is by seeking help from experts. Okapi Environmental Services is the only environmental sustainability agency in Texas able to license this superior sustainability software solution. Hand in hand with their OPTIMUM Sprint Cycle, your organization will be equipped to divert waste and prove your success.

The majority of companies still keep sustainability goals in a simple spreadsheet and consistently track the wrong measurements. EcoVisor can, and should, replace old reporting frameworks. Outdated tracking methods are hindering your sustainability performance. Action is needed now.

Working with a zero-waste consultancy can help meet stakeholder, customer, and employee goals while making it easier to unite teams. It can also bring you valuable methods for the best sustainability reports. But perhaps most importantly, it gives the reporting officers the freedom to motivate change and not drown in data.

Contact Okapi Environmental Services to see a sustainability report example and how effortlessly adding your goals to the dashboard can be. In no time, you’ll be exceeding your KPIs with EcoVisor as part of your sustainability reporting solution.

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