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Walking with you toward your sustainability goals

We Are Certified TRUE Advisors™

Navigating the complexities of a corporate, net zero journey can be challenging, confusing, and overwhelming, and demonstrating your progress can be onerous.  The insights of a TRUE Advisor and the recognized TRUE certification for your facilities quell these frustrations.

What makes a TRUE certification desirable?

Simply, the vernacular regarding zero waste, net zero, carbon neutrality, and the word, green, are ambiguous, at best. Affiliation with recognized programs provides a greater impact than subjective interpretations of the terms and accomplishments.  TRUE is a zero-waste certification program for measuring, improving, and promoting your waste and resource efficiency performance. With four levels of recognition, existing facilities can showcase their commitment. Manufacturing facilities can also avail themselves with use of a specific certification and badge.  TRUE is a lofty designation from a competitive standpoint.

Okapi takes a hands-on approach, auditing facilities’ current processes and identifying tangible steps to reduce waste within your organization. A certified TRUE Advisor effectively assists you and your team with multiple facets of minimizing, diverting, or eliminating waste streams and carbon emissions.  Having been trained in 15 categories of waste-reduction tactics, a TRUE Advisor provides consultation designed to accelerate your pace to zero waste.

What Entities Can Be TRUE certified?

You don’t have to spend excessive capital and resources to get TRUE certified. The time and capital required for TRUE certification vary based on the facility’s size, complexity, and existing waste oversight practices

Any organization that is committed to reducing its waste practices can get TRUE certified. Facilities of various industries and sizes can seek TRUE certification, including offices, retail spaces, manufacturing facilities, campuses, and hospitality establishments. Beyond physical facilities, events and construction projects can now receive certifications as well.  TRUE certification is applicable worldwide and can be pursued by organizations globally.

Is TRUE compatatible with other zero waste certifications?

As part of the US Green Building Council (USGBC), TRUE offers certification for the ongoing operation and maintenance of a facility, similar to the LEED designation for the new construction of a facility.  Both TRUE and LEED certifications are part of the US Green Building Council.  Therefore, a TRUE certification for your facility can integrate with and complement a LEED designation as well as other green certifications.

What Measurements are Part of the TRUE certification?

The TRUE certification process measures several aspects of an organization’s outputs. These measurements are designed to assess how well a facility minimizes its non-hazardous waste while maximizing its efficiency of resource usage. Some of these include:

  • Composted Materials
  • Diverted Waste
  • Residuals
  • Recycled Materials
  • Reused Materials


Get TRUE certified with Okapi

Several of Okapi Environmental Services consultants are TRUE Advisors™, the leading and most thorough zero-waste certification program worldwide.  By working to achieve zero-waste status, you can delight stakeholders and support sustainability all while reducing your carbon footprint.  This and other certifications are the small (and detailed) steps needed to achieve your net zero goals. 

Schedule a consultation with Okapi’s sustainability specialists today to take your organization further down the path to net zero. We offer cutting-edge Ecovisor software, comprehensive energy audits, and recycling implementation services. If you have any additional questions about the TRUE certification process or other ESG initiatives, feel free to contact our dedicated team of sustainability consultants

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