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What Is A Green Corporate Culture?

Culture is the system of shared beliefs, values, customs, behaviors, and artifacts that a community uses to cope with the world. Culture underpins everything we do in life. Culture gives us our framing and structure for seeing the world. Culture defines our concepts of what it means to be respectful and polite. 

In business and in group-think, shifting culture is difficult but it can be done. As you look at changing systems, processes, and paradigms, you’re going to encounter resistance and you’ll need systems and support to overcome objections and make tasks just as easy as the wasteful status quo.

An Unexpected Behavior

In two short seasons, Austin FC has embraced the weird, funky, green culture that has made Texas’ capital city unique and fun. The Verde & Black’s Q2 Stadium has become one of professional sports’ most sustainable, energy-efficient, reuse-focused facilities. Austin FC is taking its green culture with them whether playing at home or away. 

Austin FC’s sustainability culture is visible within  Q2 Stadium’s architectural design, reduced water usage on its lush playing field, and waste diversion program that keeps 79% of game day waste out of landfills. However, the most significant influence of Austin FC’s green culture is demonstrated by the team’s fanbase, who live out their Lone Star value of “Don’t Mess With Texas.”

This value played out recently when the Verde & Black traveled south for a match with the San Antonio FC. While the Verde & Black was outplayed by their neighboring rival, the fans did not allow the loss to keep them from cleaning up their mess. The Austin FC fans were witnessed picking up their recyclables by former San Antonio Mayor Ed Garza, who was surprised by his guests’ actions. Moments later, Mayor Garza was shocked when he noticed that his hometown fans mimicked the Austin FC fans’ actions by policing their stands and picking up their trash, a novel behavior from repeat patrons. 

How To Change Behaviors Of Large Groups 

Shifts begin with a single person, single act. In this case, the act did not start with the first empty can being recycled: it began months before the first ball was kicked inside Q2 Stadium. The dreamers behind this 21st-century venue started with a vision and incorporated a team of consultants to establish a culture and the tools needed to create an environment that facilitates responsible diversion.Whether you have a unique venue like a stadium, a high-rise downtown, or a remote industrial facility, the team of experts Okapi Environmental Services enlists have experience working with your same set of obstacles and finding bespoke solutions to establish and shift cultures and behaviors. Regardless of your size or the order of magnitude of your shift, so long as your group values the triple bottom line – the proverbial hat trick – The People, the Profits, and the Planet, Okapi wants to be there for the assist.

It begins with a conversation. 

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