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CPR For Your Environment, Social, And Governance Initiatives

What happens when you make the jump, or to be more accurate, the leap to throw your company into developing a positive, healthy ESG culture? It might seem you left the safe, sheltered world your brand has been comfortable with. Now, you’re making promises to shareholders, employees, suppliers, and the general public about the evolution of your company’s values, including better treatment of the people and the planet… while at the same time wondering how non-transactional costs will affect the profits.

The first thing most experience is the overwhelming panic of discovering they don’t have the training, processes, or cohesive plan to actually do all these new things. While planning it can be intoxicating, the reality can be sobering. Enter the tightening of the chest.

A typical response is to hire a VP of ESG. That may show your commitment, but will they have all they need to be successful? Even with a complete staff, how can they understand the challenges of the business and try to align appropriately with your new direction? Now, you are searching for the Aspirin.

Many try new programs only to be met with resistance, legacy mindsets, and, in some cases, a stubborn refusal to move forward. Most people don’t like to change. The change can be mandated by management, but that never yields permanent, sustainable change. Soon you find your program in cardiac arrest.

Time To Dial An ESG Emergency Responder

We believe bringing on a consultant with hands-on experience who is willing to roll up their sleeves with the management team to actually drive results is the real way to make a difference. We have found that it is equally important to have buy-in from the corporate office all the way to the janitorial staff if you want to make a real change: the C-Suite to the Street.

Most organizations start and fail and start again, only to fall slightly forward, sometimes coming to a complete standstill. The team from Okapi Environmental Services is the perfect partner to administer CPR to their ESG programs by:

  • gaining an understanding of the issues.
  • creating transparent measurement systems.
  • setting clear goals.
  • providing thorough training. 
  • finding creative ways to engage employees in these values so they take them on as their own.

Sometimes a fresh approach – a new look at things with people who have already done it many times – is the best way to revive your ESG goals and values. It is time to relinquish the paddles to a team of experts with a tool for every pocket and every application. Okapi Environmental Services can be the intervention you need to bring life back to your ESG vision. We’re a phone call away and our dispatch is ready to begin the conversation.

Sustainability is only sustainable if it positively affects the triple bottom line. The People, the Profits, and the Planet.

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